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• Oct 7, 2017 - 17:38

I'm looking, not for Cyrillic characters themselves (I've found those), but for a character set which I can use to insert transliterated Russian (and Slavonic, etc.) lyrics into scores. Specifically, many consonants in these (and other slavic) languages are "palatinates," that is, a "y" sound in inserted after the initial consonantal sound. In a very good system I've seen in print, a tilde-like mark is inserted over the consonant, and my singers are accustomed to this system, so I'd like to adopt it in my Musescoring Chesnokov and other Russian choral literature. Obviously I can find a few of the characters I need, such as a Spanish "n," but I'd like them all. Otherwise, just inserting a bunch of "y's" after these consonants will have to do, even though it'll look less professional. Thanks for any help/suggestions. Jerry Parshall, Washington Men's Camerata (


You wrote:
In a very good system I've seen in print...
A printed book... or printed online?

If you can locate something printed online, you may be able to copy/paste the needed characters into a text editor and save for future use. For example: Pavel Grigor'evič Česnokov.

You might also look online (or maybe view obscure fonts already loaded into your computer) for a font which contains that character set, then use it for MuseScore lyrics via Style / Text / Lyrics.


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Many of those letter combinations are in language fonts such as Czech. Perhaps this will help someone figure out how to do this.

FYI, the y after a letter or alternative accent above both represent a real letter in Russian that is either explicitly written or implied by the following vowel.

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Sorry I never got back to this. Jerry here with the Washington Men's Camerata. (Of course, I'm facing the problem again, typed in a Google search, and saw I'd asked this before). Anyway, Jm6stringer, the system, unfortunately, is the Musica Russica printed series by Vladimir Morison. But I will look for an online transliteration alphabet and see if I can cut/paste. Thanks for the several responders. Jerry

I'm double-posting this for the benefit of the OP who might not see the other thread:

Hi Everyone,

Well, it looks like Cyrillic transliteration isn't a burning issue on MuseScore. FYI, for those who are interested, the cut-and-paste option directly into the score was the best workaround I could find. There are two main diacritics that are needed, in addition to a typical character set: a moveable tilde and a ligature. Examples of both can be found online and then copied into the score. This works well enough and renders nicely into PDF and video capture.

BTW, Musica Russica has a very nice downloadable pronunciation guide for choral singing.


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