Two Suggestions

• May 7, 2014 - 18:14

I have two suggestions. The first one is to have ritardando and accelerado in playback. I have seen this in a program called Finale Notepad, which all-around stinks compared to Musescore, but it does have rit. and accel. in the playback. The second thing is that it would be cool if you could alter piano pedal lines to be more like usual pedal lines--where it look like this: ________/\_____/\___. You could click the end of the line, drag it to the note you want it to end on. Also, for the /\'s, there could be vertical lines on the pedal line (they'd only show while editing the pedal line) at each beat, and you could click on one to make it have a /\ there. You could then click on the /\ again to get rid of it.
I am not a computer programmer, and I don't know how hard it would be, but it was just a suggestion. Also, maybe if it's too hard, the pedal lines don't playback, but it would be good to have them on there. Fantastic job with what you guys have done so far, and I hope you enjoy my suggestions.


In reply to by Noah Godard

Yes, the "carat" style of pedal changes will be in 2.0.

As for rit and accel playback, do realize playback is a much lower priority than anything having to do with notation. There are a number of improvements coming nonetheless in 2.0, but this isn't one of them. Perhaps some day.

Meanwhile, though, you can define them like any other tempo markings to change the tempo. It won't be a gradual change, but you'd be surprised at little of a difference that can make. If necessary, you can add a second (or third...) invisible marking a few beats later if you need an especially gradual change.

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