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• Oct 2, 2017 - 20:20

For the sample attached, I don't want the first bar in the part, but I need the key change to show on the new second line (this is being appended to the end of an operatic piece, full orchestra, insert to start at 182). I was trying to insert a line break after the first bar, expecting the courtesy accidentals for the new key signature to appear at the beginning of the next line (going from A major to A minor). The key signature is "correct" after a line break is inserted, but the sharp cancelling naturals are missing yet are crucial. Could've sworn I've used this trick in the past. Thanks.

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It should work as is, however; if you put notes into measure 1 then select the measure and press insert the courtesy naturals show up. Changing the measures (including the number of measures) before it seem to cause a rather random results as far as displaying the key signature. Rather multi measure rests are displayed seems to affect it, even if there is only a single measure.

Mysteries in the deep....

Sounds like someone (maybe me) should try to recreate this from scratch and file a bug report.

Hmm, this seems easy enough to reproduce from scratch:

1) new empty score, treble clef template
2) add A major key signature to first bar
3) add C major to second bar
4) add line break at end of first bar

Result: no visible courtesy key signature at end of first systems, and no visible key signature at start of second system.

Both elements are actually present but aren't displaying for some reason. The issue seems specific to systems of only a single measure - do the same trick with two measures before the change to C and you get the courtesy key signature at least. You don't get the naturals at the start of the second system, but I'm not thinking you should - the courtesy should normally be enough. Which is to say, I don't think your trick should work. Maybe better to use a custom key signature, then you don't need a dummy measure.

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Success! The custom key signature on the second line worked perfectly. I added a "new" C major key signature in a later bar to eliminate the custom signature from showing in the third line. I've kept the dummy measure only because I'm this far in the process and it doesn't get in the way, but yes, it can probably be omitted.

Thank you, Marc.

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