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• Oct 2, 2017 - 10:54

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TL;DR: Can we add a purely aesthetic, automatically positioned buzz roll z stem tremolo variation like demonstrated in the attached picture?

Often times percussion parts (particularly the marching variety) notate buzz rolls as a normal note head with a z stem. I've gone through the Master Palette and found two characters I often see as a buzz roll stem - a grotesque sans z and an engraved z . Unfortunately as far as I can tell there's no option to attach something specifically to the stem of a note (other than tremolo).

They're essentially tremolo stems but with a different symbol. I can duplicate the effect using custom placement, but any time the formatting changes I have to rearrange them. That's no big deal for a couple buzz rolls on a single instrument, but when I have multiple buzz rolling instruments across multiple parts and composite parts for a long piece it becomes a headache.

I'm not particularly interested in playback as this is Musescore and Musescore is all about notation, but I'd like to request these be added visually to Musescore and the advanced tremolo palette.


These are available under Musical Symbols / Tremolos (pressing F2 when editing text) or in the Symbols part of the Master palette, there just search for "buzz"

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I'm not requesting the symbols - I already know they exist and how to use them as text. Adding them (like like any other stock Master Palette symbol) to a note by default doesn't attach them to the stem, but the note head (see below).
Buzz Roll Stem 2.png
I'm requesting a new type of tremolo stem with the symbols automatically positioned on the stem (just like a slash tremolo) so that people don't have to adjust/readjust their positions initially or any time formatting changes.

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Isn't it so that in drum notation your stems to which this apply are almost always aligned the same relative to the notehead.

Then positioning those symbols manually could become fairly doable:
1. Enter all notes and symbols
2. Right-click one symbol: select all similar elements
3. Use inspector (F8) to give them all an identical vertical/horizontal offset

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  • This would only work if all the stems were always facing the same way
  • There's no way to differentiate symbols chosen from the Master Palette in the selector - they're all subtype symbol - so you'll also be changing the position of any other symbols on your score
  • This still means having to change the position for the Score, each individual Part, and any other composite Parts which also contain those instruments

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#256021: Add buzz roll tremolo stem is fixed and closed since long, since MuseScore 2.3. If you see this in 3.6.2 again, it is a regression and new issue. I can't reproduce it though.

But: Make sure to use the one from the Tremolos palette of the advanced workspace, not from the symbols palette of the master palette, the latter attaches it to the notehead rather than the stem, I guess that is what you're seeing, Layer 8 error ;-)

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