Slur misbehaviour when dragging rightermost handle to the right

• Apr 27, 2014 - 08:34
Graphical (UI)
S2 - Critical

Steps to produce error:
In the attached file, go to bar 29.
Select the c on the first beat and press s.
Move the next note up a whole tone.
Double-click the tie and drag the rightermost handle (zoom in) to the right.
For me it flips out to the right side (jumps away and becomes extremely long)

The file was created entirely in museScore 2.0 revision d1a0c46 and probably the previous one. My platform is Ubuntu 14.04 with Qt 5.2.

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It never happens in bar 5 although this bar has exactly the same contents in the first voice!

Also, when the flip behaviour occurs, there is no terminal output.

@Marc, do you have reliable steps for crash? I got a crash a few times, but now I never get it...

I skipped the step about raising the pitch of the second note; not sure if that's relevant. I just drag the rightmost handle handle around, and at some point after the slur extends - within a couple of seconds - it crashes for me.

That works for me, i.e. it produces a crash.
zero slur id-1 at tick 53760(53760) track 0 in measure 28-28

It doesn't matter whether the pitch is raised or not, thats right.