Append Measure(s) Causes Various Problems

• Apr 25, 2014 - 10:37

MacBook Pro running Mavericks 10.9.2
MuseScore 1.3

I was trying to put together a lead sheet of sorts yesterday detailing all 12 II V I arpeggios with their associated chord names over the lines.

I initially selected a 32-bar lead sheet for speed and was going to append measures as needed.

When I worked my way down (btw: after doing a II V I in C major, I thought I could just copy, paste and transpose from that point on, but quickly found that unless I copied the first, original 4 bars I created, transposition was extremely unreliable) to the last bars and inserted the rest I needed, the system began to behave erratically.

For instance, I wanted to have a ./. (repeat) in the last measure of each line to show that you should repeat the arps from the 3rd measure, but when I did this for the last line of the first page of the lead sheet, it suddenly kicked this over to the next page, taking up the entire first line. The only way I could stop this from happening was to leave it as a full measure rest.

Also, spare measures continue to display beyond the 48 total measures I needed. These are all closely bunched together and after multiple attempts to delete them in a few different ways (backspace/delete key on my MacBook Pro, right click and select delete, Edit -> Delete Selected Measures) this resulted in MS crashing, so have given up.

This morning I created a new, TEST lead sheet with 48 measures to begin with, split to have 4 measures per line.

Everything looked find until I got to the bottom of the first page (II V I in B major) and changed the whole rest in the 4th measure to a ./. (repeat) - this then flew over to the next page, taking up the entire first line.

I decided I would try moving this line over to the next page, so added 4 more measures and started copying my II V I in B major across. Unfortunately, as soon as I changed the whole rest in bar 4 into a repeat, it flew to the next line, taking up the entire line. It doesn't seem to like the key of B major.

Ok, so I moved this back to the bottom of the previous page, resigned to leaving bar 4 as a whole rest (not ideal, but there you are) and then found I couldn't delete the 4 bars I had inserted on the next page. It now crashes the system every time I try to delete them (multiply or individually).

I'm stumped. I've taken about 3 hours now to try to put together what I would have thought was a pretty simple set of practice sheets for my students, but so far it's not really worked as expected. Can anyone offer a solution or suggest a good work around? I don't really want to have to do this a 4th time.

Thanks for your help,



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Yes, 1.2 can open 1.3 scores.
Can't see anything wrong with the score, but well possible I haven'tr really understood the Problem ;-)

Hmm, maybe I do; seems the measure repest sign takes slightly more space than a full measure rest, cause a system- (or page-) break. You can shrink it to fit, Layout->Add Less Stretch

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Yes, I've tried that, but it doesn't remove the trailing measure in "II V I Arpeggios". Nothing seems able to remove this.

If I try to remove the inserted measures in the second doc "II V I Arpeggios 02" it crashes MuseScore completely (whether I do this multiply or individually).

Looks like I'll just have to start over again from scratch and keep these small foibles in mind as I go. :(

Thanks for your help.


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No need to start from scratch. Mac's don't have a true delete key - the key marked "Delete" is actually what most other systems have always called "Backspace". So anywhere you see documentation that was not specifically written for Mac refer to the "Delete" key, you need to mentally substitute "Fn-Delete" (just as you might mentally substitute "Ctrl+click" when you see references to "right click"). And most of the things other systems might use "Ctrl" for, Mac uses "Cmd" (eg, Cmd+S to save a file, whereas everyone else uses Ctrl+S)

So, instead of Ctrl+Delete, it's Cmd+Fn+Delete

See [[nodetitle:Meausre Operations]] in the Handbook; it even spells out specifically what keystrokes you need for Mac (except it says "Backspace" - I think some Macs might actually label it that way)

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