Renaming temp. file ... to ... failed: No error

• Sep 26, 2017 - 18:35


Um... wat?


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OneDrive might have been syncing yes, so assume it's related to that, BUT what caught my eye was "No error", which seems a bit funny... i.e. it seems this "error" should either have been handled by Musescore (since it's "no error"), or it should have a better explaining error message (since it actually resulted in an error dialog popping up). 🤔😛

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Possibly: If this is not an internal error, #internal-error-number is "0" (zero), Defined message for this: 0="no error"

The correct message should probably be one of the following: "unspecified error", "external error" or "" (<- null string).

in short: The software says "This is not my mistake." :D

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I suspect OneDrive will turn out to be a red herring, and that the problem really is mostly about the viertual store. The file name in question should not normally be involved - it seems the user is trying to save a file into a folder he doesn't have permission for - something under C:\Program Files (x86) - and Windows is redirecting this into the virtual store but somehow not doing a good job of it. And maybe OneDrive does help explain why Windows is failing to write to its own virtual store. But the real issue is, why is MsueScore trying to write to a a folder under C:\Program Files (x86) in the first place?

I suspect this is because at some point in the apst, the was a crash, MuseScore offered to recover the last session, the user agreed, and then simply hit "save" rather than using "save as" to saved the restored file somewhere safe. Unfortunately in versions of MuseScore up to and including 2.1, hitting "save" on a restored file tries to save back to the folder MuseScore was started from, which is only reasonable if you happened to start it from the folder where the file is. Doesn't happen that way when starting from the program icon. For 2.2 this should be improved already so this doesn't happen - we will try to save somewhere more reasonable.

Meanwhile, solution should be to get this file back where it belongs by using "save as" now.

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