Beams Over Rests at Beginning or End Disappear

• Apr 12, 2014 - 15:20

When I try to put a beam over a rest that's at the end or beginning of the beamed phrase, the beam disappears completely.
See attached image for what I need (handwritten), what I don't want, and the bug.

Attachment Size
What I Want.jpg 115.34 KB
What I Don't Want.png 20.59 KB
The Bugged Version.png 20.06 KB


I assume you realize this is non-standard beaming - what MuseScore does by default is the normal / correct way of handling this. But it should be possible to do this anyhow if you really want, and you're right, it doesn't work in the current released version of MuseScore (1.3). It looks like in the development builds for 2.0, it works better, but the stem length is messed up for the combinations starting with a rest.

There is an existing issue in the tracker for this: #12079: Applying beam properties to rests produces strange beams/stems in neighbouring notes.

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