Note Groups define in time signature dialog has no effect in note entry

• Apr 11, 2014 - 15:50
S4 - Minor

i'm using musescore GIT commit: b424d8e on kxstudio 14.04

1- create a time signature in a new score
2- change the "note groups" feature in the time signature dialog (from right-click on time signature in the staff)
3- enter some notes in the score

expected : note are linked as beam properties just have been define

actual behaviour : on my example I use a 15/8 measure, every eight notes are linked but they should be linked by two


Seems maybe the deletion of measures or other operations might be what stops this from working. Here are some specific things to try; see if your results are the same as mine:

1) new score for flute, 4/4, 32 measure
2) measure 20 (or anywhere after first measure of second system), note entry
3) enter two measures' worth of eighth notes
4) exit note entry
5) drag 3/4 from palette to score at measure 20

Result so far: eighth notes in groups of two, as expected

6) right click 3/4 time signature in score
7) time signature properties
8) join beam on third eighth, break at fourth, join fifth (producing 3+3)
9) OK

Result so far: eighth notes now in groups of three, as expected - excellent!

10) remove measures 3-12 (select, Ctrl+Del)

Result: the measure with 3/4 moves to first system, and now all eighth notes are back to groups of two - not good!

11) right click 3/4
12) time signature properties

Result: dialog still shows the groupings of three - would be good if this were actually honored!

13) change to all six eighths beamed together
14) OK

Result: eighths remain beamed in groups of 2 - not good!

At this point, it seems there is no way to get time signature properties to work. But:

15) drag 3/4 from palette to second measure of the 3/4 passage
16) right click, time signature properties
17) change from 2+2+2 (this is the default since it's a new time signature) to 3+3

Result: all eighths change to 3+3, *including* the ones in the measure *before* the one you just changed - partially good, partially not so good!

I can get similar results if at step 10, instead of deleting measures, I reduce stretch in the first group of measures (say, from measure 2 to second to last measure of first system), enough to move an extra measure or two to the first system and move the 3/4 change to the beginning of the system.

Also, no amount of stretch reduction will cause measure 20 to move to the first system. It seems it is locked onto the second system, with all sorts of weird effects if you keep reducing stretch in bars 2-15.

Title Note Groups define in time signature dialog has no effect in note enter Note Groups define in time signature dialog has no effect in note entry

Tests are very welcome. We were adding and removing courtesy time signature from the time signature map. I believe this had several side effects.

Hi all,
Version :b895fde kxstudio 14.04

I tested this correction, but still encounter issue when using in this way :

1-create a score with at least 2 staves in 4/4 . The default eight note division is 4+4
2-so , right click on the 4/4 symbol on the first staff (top staff)
3- Then go to time signature properties
4- change eight note group to make 2+2+2+2 instead of 4+4
5-click ok, it works in this staff.
6- right click on 4/4 symbol in the first staff
7-click on copy
8-click on the above staff
9-select 4/4 symbol on the second staff and click paste
10- go to time signature properties on the second staff,
11- eight note are still grouped as 4+4 instead of 2+2+2+2

Perhaps I'm using the wrong way to paste, if someone can indicate me the right one :)

Are you trying to literally copy and paste the time signature from one place in the score to another? I don't think copy / paste of time signatures is supported in way at all.

If you want a "global" 2+2+2+2 time signature, I think the way to do it would be to create a new version of 4/4 with that beaming on the master palette, then drag that to the score normally (and possibly add it to your own palette as well to make it easier to use in the future).

Now, I guess it's an open question to me whether editing time signature properties for a given time signature as you are doing should immediately affect all staves or not. I'd kind of expected it would, but I haven't really thought it through.

Hi Marc,

You are right, I'm litteraly copy/paste time signature, and if this feature won't be implement, I would like to recommand to remove the hability of copying/pasting from the right click for time signature.

BTW, here is another test I done using the master palette:

1-create a new score with one staff in 4/4
2-enter some notes in eight note
3-Open master palette (SHIFT+F9) and click on Time signature
4- by default, master palette seems to select the current time signature (4/4 in this case)
5- change the eight note to be grouped by 2 instead of 4 (i mean 2+2+2+2 instead of 4+4)
6-click add, new 4/4 time signature appears in the list
So everything is ok untill now. But then strange behaviour appear:

First of all, drag and drop the new time signature on the staff with notes entered has no effect.

Then, removing original 4/4 time signature in the list (because I want to keep only the new one i've just created) and drag and drop time signature has no more effect even if the only 4/4 time signature leaving in the list is the new one I just created.

The only way I can change eight note group is by right clicking on time signature and then go to time signature properties.

here is a screencast about this :

Let me know if you want more information, I hope it can help :)

FYI, neither time signatures, key signatures, clefs, barlines, voltas, hairpins, nor really any type of elements other than notes and rests and the objects attached to them are normally copyable. There was code added fairly recently to allow copying of items attached to notes (articulations, lyrics, chord symbols, etc) without copying the notes themsemlves. But copying things that are not connected to notes at all is a completely different ball of wax. Feel free to submit a separate feature request for it.

Works when replacing an existing time sig, but not for drag & drop - which I'm thinking is the only way to add a time sig change.

And for copy / paste, indeed, I had no idea that would work. I guess it works *if* you are pasting directly on top of an existing time sig.

Damned ! You are right. I can even add this :

1-create a score in 4/4
2-enter some eight notes
3-go to the master palette (SHIFT + F9)
4- create another time signature (15/8)
5- divide the time signature in 3+3+3+3+3
6-click add
7- drag&drop the new time signature to your measure
8- even if time signature now appears, it has no effect about note gorups
9- right click on the time signature
10- my previously options about note group has taken the value of my 4/4 time signature in a strange way (2+2+2+9)