copy time signature from one staff to another doesn't copy time signature properties

• Apr 11, 2014 - 15:40
S4 - Minor

i'm using musescore b424d8e from git on kxstudio 14.04.

Easy to reproduce :
1- create a new score with 2 instruments in 4/4
2- right click on the time signature at the begining of one staff on click "time signature properties"
3- change the note groups options (for example make eight notes linked by 2 instead of 4)
4- validate and close the pop-up window
5- right-clik on the time signature
6- click copy
7- paste time signature to the second staff

Expected : right clicking on time signature propertie on the second staff should show the same properties as the 1st staff.

actual behaviour : time signature properties on the 2nd isn't affect by the copy from the 1st staff.

Workaround : As we have to make the changes for every staves in the score, create a template with your favorite instrument and time signature note groups and use it instead of default wizard.


First of all, it would help to precise what you mean with step 7) above: how do you paste a time signature to a staff? Select the current time sig. of that staff and use the paste command (or shortcut) ?

Then, I am far from sure, but I suspect that copy-n-paste with time signatures does not do anything at all.

If anybody has a deeper knowledge of the MuseScore internals on this point...




You are right Miwarre I CAN'T paste time signature by right click > copy or right-click > cut then right-click > paste in another staff. I've also tried with shortcut.

I've also try to do it on the same staff. For example, starting with a 15/8 time signature then add a 4/4 and then, if i want to copy my 15/8 to the next measure, nothing happens.

The question why those options exists if I can't use it ? Not yet implemented ?

The only solution I found for now is creating templates, or edit every time signature, which made me lose a lot of time, but works ! :-)

Maybe I'm misubderstanding, but if you create a custom time signature and place it on your palette (using the master palette), the properties should be there every time you add that time signature from the palette to your score.

The fact is this doesn't work for me :-/

1-I create a score with 2 staves and with a 15/8 time signature, using the wizard (menu file > new)
2- I open the master Palette > Time Signatures
3- create a new 15/8 with soecufuc note groups
4- click on add (15/8 time signature appears in the list of time signature in the master palette, but not in the palettes panel)
5- drag n drop my cusom time signature to my score
6- enter eight notes to the measure
7- note groups doesn't work :-(

8- right-click > the time signature in the measure i've drag n drop in
9- note groups are still let by default and my settings have no effect on it, I have to create once more manually the note groups.

The fact is properties are in the master palette > time signature, but doesn't apply when I drag n drop time signature :-/

Oh, right, the properties don't copy - that's still a problem. I just meant, this is how you are supposed to go about doing things - not copying time signatures themselves, but using the palette.