Chord symbols not transposing

• Apr 7, 2014 - 13:01

I have noticed that when I transpose a score, about a 1/3rd of my chord symbols (ie. the ones above the staff that guitar players use, written as "Gm7", etc...) do not transpose.

I entered them all by typing CTRL-K, after selecting a note to position, so I don't know what else to do to fix the problem. It seems the program has decided that some of them are simply text, rather than chord symbols? Deleting them and re-entering them does not fix the problem.


There's a good chance that MuseScore just didn't recognize them being Chords Symbols.
I add them in all lowercase e.g. gm7, when that automatically turns into Gm7, I know MuseScore recognized it.
Another way to check is via a right-click -> chord properties. It it come up as C major (on anything not being C major), MuseScore didn't recognize it.

Whether or not MuseScore recognized chords depends on which chord style you are using and how you entered them.

You could attach your score here, so we can check what went wrong.

Yes, as mentioned, MuseScore has to recognize your chord symbols in order to transpose them. The Handbook section Chord name explains how you can control - by means of "chord description files" - what MuseScore recognizes. The defaults include m for minor and Maj for major, I think, but as you'll see from the documentation, there are other options provided as well, and you can even customize these files to suit your own needs.

The next major release will make this simpler; anything that begins with A-G (or H in German, or do, re, mi... in Italian or others) will be recognized, and the parser will do its best to make sense out of whatever comes after.

Hi there, just wondering how we go about customizing chord symbol definition files to include our own favorite ways of writing chords? Thanks!

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True, but if you can't wait, just open one of the "cchords" files in your favorite text editor and read the comments at the top. It's not trivial, but I did make an effort to make it as simple as I could. For the most part, it's just a question of editing a few specific lines where the abbreviations for major, minor, etc are defined.

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