Tie misbehaviour in templates

• Apr 5, 2014 - 17:10
Graphical (UI)

When dragging a tie handle, sometimes very strange things happen:

Running f83f8b9 on Ubuntu 14.04 with Qt 5.2.0.



I believe this would only be if you try to create a tie from a note to a note on another page, and even then perhaps only if the is a non-adjacent page. This of course is not normally meaningful. The facility to all;ow ties between non-adjacent notes is really designed just to handle the special case of arpeggio-and-hold, where the target of the tie would be "soon". Of course, it *could* be another measure, and another measure *could* be another page, but even so, the code does basically work if so. Looks like you've hit a real corner case.

Sorry, I am afraid either I don't understand you or you don't understand me. This behaviour shown in the video above is definitely a bug, because it happens every time I grab a tie handle and has NO real world application.

It happens every time you grab *any* tie handle? It doesn't for me. It only acts strangely if you try to create a tie from a note on page to a note two or more pages later, as your video shows. That's my point. Normal ties - ties to the very next note, or at most to a note a measure away and hence a maximum of one page later, work fine. it's only ties between notes separate by two or more pages that fail as far as I can tell. And there would normally be no reason to ever try to create such a tie (except to try out the "feature:" I was describing to you earlier for tricking MuseScore into allowing a one-sided tie).

Anyhow, my point isn't that it isn't a bug - just that is an extremely minor one, because it only happens when you do something no one in their right minds would normally ever try to do (tying a note to another note two or more pages later).

I do think it's a bug, and I have priority set to minor, which I think is appropriate. Might be best if you could provide steps to reproduce from scratch. I actually can't reproduce it myself. I imagine there is something a little more going on in your score that also needs to be there to trigger the problem.

Title Tie misbehaviour Tie misbehaviour in templates

Apparently you are right! See this video... it appears that this only occurs with templates, not with default score setup. Which doesn't matter because we will redo the templates anyway for 2.0.

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x5kng1hi0ytkffx/tieMisbehaviourTemplates.mp4

Terminal output:
next note at 9360 track 0 for tie not found
next note at 9360 track 4 for tie not found
next note at 9360 track 8 for tie not found
next note at 9360 track 12 for tie not found
next note at 9360 track 16 for tie not found
next note at 9360 track 0 for tie not found
next note at 9360 track 0 for tie not found
next note at 9360 track 0 for tie not found
next note at 9360 track 0 for tie not found
next note at 9360 track 0 for tie not found
zero slur id-1 at tick 0(960) track 0 in measure 0-0
zero slur id-1 at tick 3840(4800) track 0 in measure 2-2
zero slur id-1 at tick 3840(4800) track 0 in measure 2-2
zero slur id-1 at tick 3840(4800) track 0 in measure 2-2

I'm think the issue might not be templates, but rather linked parts. The templates you used had the parts already generated. I'll bet if you generate parts in your score created from scratch, you'd see the same. If so, please post the score and steps to reproduce - videos are nice, but hard data is better!

I didn't get the behaviour by:
1. creating a default score with four instruments(Piccolo, Treble flute, Oboe, Bass clarinet)
2. entering a couple of tied whole notes
3. creating parts by clicking "New all"
4. dragging the ties around.

Steps to reproduce? Editing on of the existing ties by double clicking it and dragging the right-most handle works fine for me. Trying to add a tie to the first note of the alto sax part - a ridiculous thing to try to do, since it has no nearby to tie it to - creates a tie that spans all the way to the next note of that pitch, on the right hand side of the page in measure 8. But this tie also works fine when I try to edit.

Also, was this score created from scratch, or with a possibly suspect template? If the latter, I'd chalk up any problems you see to the fact that scores created in older builds aren't guaranteed to still work. Only scores created in 1.3 or created form scratch in the same 2.0 build you are testing with are expected to work.

This score was created with a 1.3 template(on 1.3).
Steps to reproduce:
Double-click a tie
Drag the rightermost grab handle to the right
At some point, it goes off to the next page, far off(on my machine).

Any tie? Just straight to the right, or also up or down? Do you have to get close to a notehead?

I can't make it fail. But I do find I can't grab the right handle of ties easily. Every time I try, I get the second-to-rightmost handle instead.

Any tie. To the right, as is the default. It happens as soon as I get to the next barline or note head!
To get the righter most handle, either grab it a bit off to the right side(1mm) or zoom in and grab it.

Something new: When a tie has "flipped", and I deselect it, and then reselect it and press ctrl+r, its right end ties to the next note! That means that before the jump it was anchored to that note.

Still can't seem to reproduce it. Could be Ubuntu-specific, or something about your configuration. Have you done a full factory reset / delete MuseScore's application data folders recently?

Yes, 2 days ago. Issue was present before, but NOT on a windows nightly build I checked out. Will test that and report back.

Meanwhile, could someone on Ubuntu maybe test this?
I know that Robert Leleu uses Mint 16, which would be quite similar to my setup.

Unfortunately, I have to revive this thread.
Steps to produce error:
In the attached file, go to bar 29.
Select the c on the 1 and press s.
Move the next note up a whole tone.
Double-click the tie and drag the rightermost handle (zoom in) around in all directions.
For me it flips out to the right side. One time also it crashed musescore. I will try to reproduce and post terminal logs.

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There is no tie in that measure, nor is one created when you press. That is a "slur"; different thing entirely. So not related to this issue, which was specifically about ties. Please open a new one with a more appropriate title. FWIW, I am able to reproduce this new slur issue - both the extending way to the right and the crash.