Incorrect panning while playback if continuous mode is selected

• Mar 28, 2014 - 19:30
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

In the attached video you can see that panning is not respecting the palette panel. The cursor should go to y = 0 + palette.width after it reached the right edge, but it goes to y = 0.
You can see that in the attached video! Hard to explain.
I am using musescore-d1a0c46 on ubuntu 14.04 beta.


I can't reproduce on Windows or Mac... I don't think it's due to the palette. Could it be because of the repeats? Can you reproduce with a simpler score?

I tried with the file and I can't reproduce on Mac ... What I did:

Open the file
Change the view to continuous view
Press play and watch the score until the end.

Confirmed under Windows. It's the zoom factor, palettes don't seem to be affecting things as I tried it with then on and off. Changing the zoom factor down to what the OP had it (~75%) shows the issue. Adjusting it over 100% also shows the problem the other way (playback goes off the right-edge instead).

Also, it seems that score doesn't reset to the beginning correctly using the rewind button. Select a note somewhere in the score and press the Rewind button. There is usually a large white space preceding the score and the instrument names. At 75%, the blue box in the navigator windows will be so far before the start of the score you can't see the box. I found that the zoom needed to be about 400% before it homed almost perfectly to where it should when using Rewind, where the instrument names were at the proper left edge of the screen.