Notes Hang/Blend with Manual Semi-Realtime Note Entry

• Sep 11, 2017 - 05:32

So I'm having another issue with semi-Realtime Manual input. It's hard to explain in one sentence, so I'll try to describe the events.

  • I start up musescore
  • Switch to semi-Realtime (Manual) Note Entry
  • Press a note on the keyboard and then advance
  • I press another note, but both notes appear to be playing at the same time
  • Every note I press after that will only be added to that
  • So every time I advance, all notes I've tried to enter will be put in that one beat/advancement (a big blob of notes after pressing enough)
  • I only hear the note I press when I advance, but all of the notes I pressed before are added (that might be important)

And that's pretty much it. It started a couple of days ago, but I don't remember doing anything that would specifically trigger it. I'm sure that it is a problem with musescore though, because I saw Midi-Ox's logs, and tested my devices with other Daws and musescore and the results are the same. Also, note entry methods using the mouse work just fine. Does anyone have an idea of how I could fix this?


That sound very much like a keyboard that's not sending note off messages.
If you attempt to input notes in Step-time mode, does the input position move to the next position after you've pressed and released a single note on your MIDI keyboard? Or does pressing a different note add it to the one you've just entered and create a chord?

Steps to test:
1. Ensure keyboard is connected to PC
2. Start MuseScore
3. Create a New Score (treble clef template)
4. Make sure note entry mode is set to step-time (default) and enter note entry mode by pressing N on your PC-keyboard
5. Enter a single note by pressing and releasing a key on your MIDI keyboard
6. Now enter a 2nd note by pressing and releasing a different key on you MIDI keyboard

If the end result is a single chord being entered with both notes at the same time, then your keyboard is not sending note-off messages. If the end result is two quarter notes one after the other, then someone else has to help you out, as my MIDI-input expertise ends there :)

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I know the keyboard is sending midi off messages because my DAW and Midi-OX both detect them and Midi-OX also logs the note release. Musescore actually detects them too (when you press keys on your keyboard it plays the notes you're playing in realtime; even when the note entry is off). I can play a line and hear it perfectly as I play it, but the notation will be that note and all the notes before it. So somehow, only during note input, musescore doesn't detect note release or something [That's probably not even the issue].

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Some keyboard don't send note off, but note-on with a velocity of 0; which is a commonly used hack to indicate the end of a note, but not (yet) supported by musescore; it will end the playback sound though (as volume goes to nothing).
If you don't mind, please do go through the steps listed above, so we can find out how MuseScore reacts to your keyboard.

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Normal Step-time mode does not cause any note blending or chords; it is only in both of the semi-realtime note entry modes (manual and automatic). But like I said, it's not my keyboard not being supported because the input was working a few days ago before this started, and I have the same problem on 3 different midi devices with musescore right now (meaning its probably a problem with musescore, not my devices.) I'm not sure what I could've done to cause this issue, though.

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I agree that it looks like your keyboard is doing all the right things.

What could be worth a shot, given that it used to work, is to reset MuseScore back to its defaults and see if that magically "fixes" things for you.
Either try HelpReset to Defaults or run MuseScore from the command line using the -F switch.

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