English Horn

• Sep 10, 2017 - 17:07

Can anyone recommend a good English Horn soundfont? Anything that sounds reedy or like an Oboe d'amore would be best.


Sep 13, 2017 - 17:30

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Thanks a lot. Very nice. I have been checking out Florestan too. One of the standard linked fonts (can't remember which) swells too much while others lack the "reediness." I have been studying a breakdown of registers where possible to glean common timbres. For instance, "reediness" falls off in the upper registers generally. The vibrato seems too rapid but I am just beginning to listen to pieces to get a sense for this. Thanks again. Musescore and orchestration are a match made for each other.

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Ziya Puts Demircan!
Good morning (in Brazil)

I've always been very interested in learning how to make sounds from a sound sample.
In the software you taught, it explains that we can Import any .wav sample to build my own musical instrument.
As well as Save my instruments in sf2 format and export as sfz or compressed sf3 format.

I've already downloaded the software and I'm a little unfamiliar with its interface (image attached) to start any practical experience. To be honest, I don't even know how to start...

Could you please explain to me the first teachings of how to take a .wav sound sample and transform it into a sample in sf2 or sf3 format to use in Musescore as well as for teaching purposes?

By the way what is the difference between sf2 and sf3? (sorry I'm completely new to this)

Thank you in advance and a big hug friend!

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I’ve been using the English Horn recently in Musecore 4 and it keeps clicking when holding out long notes. Why is this? It’s ruining my sound that I want for the piece

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