1) To Coda and D.S. stopped working and 2) A "2nd time To Coda" mark?

• Sep 9, 2017 - 01:00

I'm transcribing a 1950 choral score, printed with lots of jumps, presumably to save printing costs.

1) D.S. was working earlier for me, but now it doesn't.
I added "To Coda" and "Coda" marks, but they don't work either. The player passes right over them, even though the Inspector shows the labels match.

2) More interestingly, how do I get the "To Coda" mark to activate only the 2nd time through, as printed in the published version? (see PDF attached). Neither my copy of Marc's book nor the online Handbook addresses this issue.

The relevant marks in the scanned PDF score and the MuseScore file are as follows:
- the Segno : top of PDF page "4" (mscz measure 25)
- "2nd Time To Coda" : middle of PDF page "6" (mscz measure 51)
- the D.S. : bottom of PDF page "10" (mscz measure 95)
- the CODA mark : top of PDF page "11" (mscz measure 96)

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I don't understand, I try again my version, and it works perfectly . I write an other with deleting many measures, to win time, but I don't change nothing for the Jumps. For me , I get : it reads normaly until 95 the DS to Coda, it goes up at 25 to the segno, and , normaly, at the TO CODA of 51, it goes to the CODA of 96.
With your score, I delete your DS for a DS to Coda, and also your CODA for an other CODA of the Sleigh Ride - Ades_2c.mscz Palet.

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Thanks, Jojo.
To follow the printed score, when the Player gets to the D.S. at measure 95, is supposed to jump to the Segno at measure 25, play through measure 51, and then jump from measure 51 all the way to measure 96, the Coda.

I believe that a "D.S. al Coda" mark instead of D.S. at measure 95 would make it Play from the Segno at measure 25 all the way forward to the DS al Coda mark at measure 95 before "jumping" to the Coda at measure 96.

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Two things :
1. Is the Play repeats button active?
2. After turning back from D.C or Segno, (usually) the first Volta is skipped and the second Volta is played.

Can the problem be related to them?

Otherwise: The score Raymond attach here is completely (playing) correct on my computer. And I don't understand what the problem is.

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Raymond's score does indeed work as required.
And now that I've done what he suggests, so does my score.

I was confused by the notation in the 1950's score, and did not realize that MuseScore's "To Coda" mark properly jumps the Player to the Coda upon the 2nd time through that measure, so there is no need for the words "2nd time" preceding "to Coda" as shown in the printed score.

The other key to fixing this problem was replacing the printed "DS" with the proper "DS al Coda."

It is interesting to see what the Inspector shows when the various marks are selected:
Segno: Segno.png
To Coda: To Coda (coda).png
DS al Coda: DS al Coda.png
Coda (actually codab): Codab.png
Of particular interest is the label "coda" applied to the "To Coda" mark.
The fields of the DS al Coda mark show how the whole set works together to achieve the desired Player sequence.

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