Sarta cireotago (Unbroken Circle)

• Mar 16, 2014 - 06:01

I wanted to challenge myself to compose something with variety instead of repeating the same thing over and over, so I decided to compose with some rules (quoted from this discussion):

  • No repeats
  • At least 128 measures; ideally 256
  • No unreasonably slow tempos; at most 6 natural beats per measure.
  • No notes longer than half. Only one longer than quarter per two measures.
  • Each nonempty measure must be different, wherever it is.
  • At least one part must be playing at all times.
  • Each part must play at least half the time, or 75% if fewer than 6 parts.

So I decided to create something filled with action, and finished in one or two days.

The score below was created with 2.0, so make sure you open it in 2.0.

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Sarta_Cireotago.mscz 13.41 KB
Sarta_Cireotago.pdf 146.08 KB


Great job. Very unique, it somewhat sounds like something from an anime (Dangan Ronpa, anybody?). Well, sort of, but it's still interesting nonetheless. You have definitely met your rules, and in a very creative way. I very much enjoyed this.

The only thing I have to say is, being an advanced pianist, I can already tell that this piece will be physically impossible to play. Several of the repeated chords go at breakneck speeds, even speeds that Horowitz could not even attempt. If they were single-notes being repeated, then that would definitely be more feasible. Plus, many of the ranges (especially at the beginning), are physically impossible to play, especially with all of the sixteenth-note craziness at the bottom. So, unless you don't care for real, live performers, no one will want to perform this piece in real life. Actually, it'll be more like they won't be able to.

Regardless, kudos to you! :D

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