Automatic sharps and flats

• Sep 5, 2017 - 17:20

Hello folks,

I'm ashamed to say I struggle to read music in various keys without pencilling in the sharps and flats for myself.

This takes so much time to do - is there a way in the musescore software to automatically display the sharps and flats throughout the score depending on what the key signature is?

Thanks so much


Shoichi, Jojo-Schmitz

Thank you both, this is a good work around. I shall have to study harder so I don't play everything in C in future!


Hopefully this will help someone in the future who finds this and was looking for an answer like me.

Simply take your score and do Tools->Transpose to C Major. Then do the same thing again back to your original key, but make sure to uncheck the box at the bottom that says Transpose key signatures. Your new score will be in its original key and all the flats/sharps will be marked on the individual notes.

You just won't have the key signature marked on the staff anymore but thats a non-issue.

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