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• Mar 8, 2014 - 02:36

I would like to create templates for rounds. I did look at an older thread from 2011 and but I didn't understand what they were talking about. I would appreciate step by step instructions on how to make a template.



1) create score
2) set up everything how you want it
3) Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Del to delete all measures
4) save

When it prompts for a name/location to save to, choose the "templates" folder underneath wherever you installed MuseScore. Eg, for most Windows systems, by default, that would be C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore\templates"

Then next time you go to create a new score and choose the "from template" option, you template will appear in the list. You might possible need to restarted MuseScore after saving the template before it will appears in the list.

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Well, I did list four steps, is there one in particular you are having trouble with? The step "set up everything the way you like" is not one we can help with further because we don't know what you are trying to do, so we are assuming you already know what you want your template to contain.

Note though that this thread is from several years ago, things have changed since then. Now, after creating your score and setting it up how you like, you no longer need to delete measures, nor do you need to save into MuseScore's installation folder. Now, you simply save you score as is into your own Templates folder. So the new steps are:

1) create a score (the usual way - File / New)
2) set it up however you like - add whatever instruments you want, make whatever style settings you want, etc
3) save it to your Templates folder (the usual way (File / Save)

Next time you start MuseScore, your score will be available in the templates list.

If you need further assistance, please tell us more exactly the problem you are having, and we can try to help further.

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Hey Celeste,

MuseScore is a wonderful OPEN SOURCE project, which means the software very probably cost you nothing (while being miles ahead of commercial offerings), and the people here responding are very probably doing so out of the goodness of their own hearts...
I would like to encourage you to use a (much) friendlier tone, a more respectful demeanor, instead of shouting at people who really owe you nothing, yet are here trying to help you nonetheless.
Thanks, and good luck with the wonderful MuseScore,


"3. Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Del to delete all measures"

Using either Ctrl+Del
Edit / Bar / Delete Selected Bars

crashes Musescore 2 Revision a925ae0

if you are attempting to delete all the remaining bars.

Ctrl + Del works fine as long as you leave at least one bar unselected.

Is this a bug or is there now a different way to create a new template?
Also how would you go about saving the template in the uncompressed .mscx format?

Kind regards


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Save as -> mscx or export -> mscx
But in 2.0 you shouldn't do this any longer, neither should you delete all measure, for the preview to work properly.
The crash when deleting all measures in 2.0 should have been fixed, I think pretty recently.
Ah, found it: should be fixed in e2c38a735, shortly after Beta 2

Thanks Marc for your instructions above (and for answering just about every question I've ever had about Musescore).

Marc or anybody,

I don't see a topic in the user guide for templates--apologies if I've overlooked existing documentation.

I'm creating my first template, based on the existing Jazz template. Is there any way to control the font for title and other text?? My modified Jazz template uses a serif font for title rather than MuseJazz. When I create a new score, the title shows up in the MuseJazz font and default point size.

I can always just save my template as an actual score and then open and immediate save it under another name it, but I'm curious if there is a better way.



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Thanks Jojo-Schmitz,

I think saving and loading styles is what I was overlooking.

I'm trying to get a handle on what information is saved in a template vs what is saved in a style. Reading through the template creation doc, my understanding is that templates are primarily about defining the staff or staffs and the instruments represented in the score, which makes sense to me. What confuses me is that the Jazz template also includes some styles information, but when I make a custom template, it seems like I can't embed styles into it.

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Style saves everything in the Style menu - both General an Text - and also the settings in Layout / Page Settings. A template is all that plus the selection of instruments. Actually, the template is a full score - measures, notes, and all - but only the style and instrument list is used when creating a new score from the template. So if you save a a jazz template, it should definitely include the style settings. If you are having trouble getting that to work, feel free to attach your template so we can see what is going on.

As it is, my best guess is that you did not in fact change the style for the title, but instead merely changed its properties. Text properties affect hat one text element only; text style affects all elements of that type (eg, title, or tempo, or lyrics, etc).

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