Chord symbols transposed incorrectly between concert score & transposed parts

• Aug 31, 2017 - 21:48
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The key appears to be issuing Notes / Transpose if the score is concert pitch but the part is not (or vice versa). So the steps are as follows (feel free to copy and paste into issue report):

1) new score for Bb trumpet, keys of C
2) generate parts
3) switch to concert pitch in score
4) add a chord symbol
5) select all
6) note / transpose
7) change key to Eb
8) Ok
9) view score then part

Result: chord symbol is not properly transposed in part


Title Chord symbols transposed incorrectly between parts & score on Notes / Transpose Chord symbols transposed incorrectly between concert score & transposed parts
Severity S4 - Minor S2 - Critical
Status PR created active
Priority P0 - Critical
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It's actually far worse in 3.0 - if you view the part after step 4, you'll see it isn't transposed even then. That is, with concert pitch enabled in a score, enter a chord symbol onto a staff for a transposing instrument, view the part - the chord symbol is not transposed. Since this is the usual way of working when writing music for transposing ensembles, this is kind of a blocker to being able to write for jazz ensembles.

My original fix didn't deal with that, and I have no idea if it would still be valid.

Hmm, maybe this is actually just a side effect of a more fundamental problem - chord symbols entered into scores are not parsed in parts, period. So entering Eb as a chord symbol in the score given you a real flat sign in the score, but just the letter "b" in the part. Nothing to do with transposition. I've entered this as #279175: Chord symbols entered into score not parsed in parts. My guess is that this explains the failure to transpose in the part upon initial entry of the chord symbol into the score. But I assume the issue with Notes / Transpose will continue to exist and need to be fixed separately. That much is not as critical, although still quite bad.

Priority P0 - Critical P1 - High
Severity S2 - Critical S3 - Major

Dmitri's proposed fix for the more fundamental linking problems seems to work fine for everything else, but this particular problem remains, as expected - it really needs something more like my original PR. Once that more basic problem is fixed, it shouldn't be hard to deal with this one.