Paste text across all notes in a score?

• Feb 18, 2014 - 19:00
S5 - Suggestion

Wouldn't it be SO HELPFUL if one would be able to simply copy paste text that has already been separated as per syllable into a score that has lines already written, so that, one would not automatically have to re-type text?

Also, it would be nice if, for example, say I don't have text already separated, and, I just have lyrics off of the internet, wouldn't it be useful if when I'd hit ctrl-space or some other similar key combination in the middle of a word it would automatically split it and move it to the right attributing it to the next note?

That would make using MuseScore for writing choir scores so much easier to use, because, well, it is enough work to have to put complete choir books into MuseScore, but, then, having to also write all the text is just a pain...

Actually, if in the future it would be possible to implement some OCR-type software, that would be amazing, so that, one would actually be able to SCAN a score straight INTO MuseScore, and, well, edit it to perfection.

Now THAT would be awesome!


The abilityto copy and paste lyrics between staves is already implemented for 2.0. There is also a repitch mode to allow you to copy a passage - notes and lyrics - and then simply retype the pitches.

As for OCR, there are standalone OCR programs that can create MusicXML which amusescore can import - including open source options such as Audiveris. And you provides an automatic service to load a score to do this conversion and importing for you (using Audiveris). So no real point in Musescore re-inventing that wheel. But be aware, music recognition is much, much, much more compelx than character recognition (consider the possibility of multiple voices, etc) so results usually require a ton of hand editing.

BTW, I do like the suggestion of a key that automatically splits a word into two syllables at the cursor point. Since it would then be appropriate to hyphenate the word, maybe something like Shift+Ctrl+hyphen. You might want to post this as a separate request.