Rearranging shortcuts by default?

• Feb 18, 2014 - 18:02
S5 - Suggestion


Wouldn't it make more sense if the quarter note would actually be assigned to the key containing the number 4 instead of the one containing number 5?

I mean, even in Romanian, the word for quarter note is pătrime, which, well, comes from the word four, as you as well would have the word quarter as meaning the fourth part of something.

I mean, since the 128th note does not have any keys assigned, would there be a problem with having the 64th note not having a key assigned to it?

I mean, it would intuitively and logically make more sense, wouldn't it now?

Thank you!


It might for that note only, but all the other notes would still be off. And not all languages use numeric terminology. Even in English, some countries (eg, Great Britain) use "crotchet" etc.

Anyhow, the defaults were chosen because they map well onto typical note lengths: a quarter note is kind of "average" so it's right in the middle, leaving plenty of room for longer durations to the right and shorter durations to the left. It's also how most other notation software does it, so the defaults are especially good for people coming from other programs.

In any case, if you prefer other shortcuts, you can customize them via Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.