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• Feb 18, 2014 - 18:00
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It would be nice if you would implement a button through which one would be able to switch to a real full-screen mode, in which all buttons would disappear, and, one would only be able to view the score all by itself, without all those noting buttons up there.

Thank you!


I feel it doesn't belong to a score writer but more a score player. "all those noting buttons" are the raison d'être of MuseScore as a scorewriter.

Note that you can already create a workspace that is about as barren as you like - use the control at far right of the toolbar to create the workspace, then remove all side panels, toolbars etc (see View menu for further controls).

Thank you! This helps. But - you need to make 3 moves:
1. set your own workspace
2. enable full screen
3. disable the "workspaces" bar (you can't create a shortcut to enable your own worskpace, you must use the mouse )
Even after defining the right shortcuts, it's a bit of work.
And still the menu bar remains (unchecking the option when defining your own workspace has no effect).
So: considering that full screen is often only used for a moment to preview as much of the music as possible and that, when writing music, you want to focus on it completely, that is still to much work.

I would also say, most of the time when people in a notion editor are previewing their work, they still want some ability to actually edit, so leaving some controls around still makes sense. Only for situations where people are wanting to use a score 8reader* does it really make sense to know controls at all - but that's not MuseScore is designed for. So realistically, if we ever did add a preset workspace / view for this, it would unlikely to be exactly as you are describing - it would be something that makes more sense to more people. The point is, we can't really anticipate every possible combination of controls a user might want in their workspace, but we can provide the ability to customize it so you get what you want. That said, you can can remove your menu bar if you truly want, by checking the "menu" box when creating the workspace, then manually editing the resulting workspace file to remove the menus. Or leave only the View / Workspaces menu so you can change them, if you don't feel like leaving a floating workspace toolbar - but personally that's what I'd recommend for your purpose.

No one has said it is useless or can't be done. But there is the start of some good technical discussion here of what such a mode should entail in order to be the most useful.= to the most people.

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Indeed suggestions often need good technical discussions.
However for full screen? Really? Press F11 (well obviously in MuseScore it can't be F11) and be in full screen, press F11 again and back to normal mode.
I don't see which kind of technical discussion you think would be useful about that, could you elaborate?

I eleborated already in my previous response, explaining how the particular use cases many people have for wanting full screen might different sets of controls. Some see it as for being for playalong purposes, others for demonstration, others still for clutter-free editing. Finding a way to support each of these use cases - as well as others that people might have in mind in requesting a full screen mode - would be good, but as mentioned, needs further discussion.

Technical Implementation Suggestion

1) Provide a set of tick boxes as to what should be visible in full screen mode and what should be hidden covering: workspace, inspector, menus, status bar etc.

2) Use the existing Ctrl-U shortcut to toggle full screen mode with the display/hide options as set by the user preferences in (1).

See any number of existing threads to understand the very different expectations people have for "full screen" in terms of what editing capability should exist, what other commands should be available (for playback, etc), whether "locking" the score is a consideration as well, etc. Design is absolutely needed in order to meet a broad range of needs. The sooner people start cooperating to proposal coherent designs to meet these different needs - getting feedback from the various different people who have expressed them - the sooner a design and implementation can be created.

Indeed, full screen is full screen and MuseScore has that already (Shortcut Ctrl+U , see above) and since ages.
Issue closed?

I don't think so, some here seem to want full screen to mean not just full screen, but also no Inspector, no Palettes, no Toolbars, no Navigator, just a plain Scoreview accross the entire screen. And with and without locking.

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Add the locking option to my Tech Spec above then it really should be as simple as: Switch the app to fullscreen showing only user selected elements.

If the score is not locked then all the editing functionality can be left active. Using full screen mode on other apps, (e.g. Microsoft Excel), has no impact on availability of functions. It would be unintuitive to lose functions just because the app went full screen.

Locking specific functions should only be considered as a separate, independent feature. Users could then choose to use either or both features according to their needs.

Indeed, if full screen si full screen, we can close this issue now, since as mentioned, MuseScore has had a full screen mode for years.

The issue remains open because different people have different ideas about exactly what that full screen mode should and should not entail. They are valid different viewpoints, and dismissing every other opinion by saying discussion is not needed does not help anyone get closer to designing a solution. Please, if you value the feature enough to continue taking time to comment, take the additional time to study the various different conflicting requests here and in the forums and try to understand what they have in common, where they differ, and make a concrete proposal in the forum that you think will address those needs.

A very partial plan of making full screen and lock two complete independent commands has been made. And if there were 100% agreement from all parties that the existing full screen command suffice as the cornerstone of this command, we can close this request as already fulfilled and then simply focus on fixing the bugs in the lick command. But I think even a cursory reading of the comments from the various people who have expressed opinions on this should make it clear that many people want the full screen command modfiied in some way, and the same for the lock command, and the specific ways in which they want these commands modify differ, as do their opinions on how related the two commands should be. So please, do them the service of actually engaging in discussion with them in the forums where others will see it.