Injecting OS information in issue

• Feb 18, 2014 - 17:52
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It would be awesome if the button that executes the function according to which the revision of something is being copied into the clipboard would also include information as pertaining to the operating system on which that nightly revision is running, it would help with bug reporting through saving time in terms of people having to manually specify what OS they are using.

Also, it would be nice if there would be an other button created for the purpose of copy pasting information faster, in terms of nightly revisions, so that, people would not waste so much time with clicking everywhere just to get to the revision that they are using.

Perhaps it would be nice to add it by default as a button in the nightlies toolbars?

Thank you!


Yes, but, it doesn't have a delete button.

I did not notice that initially, I was used to the old user interface that, well, didn't even let people edit their threads/posts.

I'm not sure what you are talking about. There is a button to copy the nightly version in Help -> About and a menu item to report a bug in Help -> report a bug. This last menu item will open a browser with a new issue and the nighly version.

Your suggestion is to add the operating system version to these two items?

That's how I read it. Including the OS and bit revision would be a nice enhancement. If the "paste to clipboard button" is used, then most pertinent system information would be included in the posting.

Hmm, it doesn't distiguish betweeen 32 and 64 bit OS, just between 32 and 64 bit program
It also doesn't distinguish between Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Home Server, and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition nor between Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 nor between Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Shouldn't be too bad though.

I'm somewhat skeptical about the feature.

The type of build (nightly, self), dependancies, etc can be important sometimes, but aren't likely to be included.

I know it can be helpful for the non-savvy, but I think 'Report a bug' can cause problems if submitted by those uninitiated with the process. Therefore, I think it should probably be removed.

If people want the commit code, go to 'About MuseScore' and click the button to copy to clipboard.

I think every little bit that makes bug reports more complete helps. We may not get it to 100% perfect, but we can do better than just the revision, and than have to ask a bunch of questions.
And the above example is my proposal for an enhanced commit message, not about an updated automatic OS detection on
But if we can have the latter, the former might not be needed at all

Title Revision should contain OS information as well Injecting OS information in issue

I'll consider taking on this request via the Javascript soution as proposed by lasconic.

Would that apply to all issues or just the ones opened via 'Report a Bug' in MuseScore?
If the former, I can stop looking at changing the code (currently to be seen at 252e48d, not yet a PR)

OK, fine. Only üpossible problem with that is that only the 'report a bug' ensures that the reporint OS is correct, otherwise it (in the manual case) could have been submitted from a different PC/OS. Questions is the likelyhood of that ...

Status (old) fixed needs info
Status fixed needs info

OS: OS X 10.11, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 2.2.0, revision: 4526ec6

It doesn't mention the final digit for Mac, which could be important: 10.11.6

Status (old) needs info fixed
Status needs info fixed

Qt's QSysInfo::prettyProductName(); nor any other Qt API provides that, so we're screwed...