Changing font size does nothing

• Feb 18, 2014 - 17:46
S4 - Minor


I just wrote a score, added lyrics, and, changing font size doesn't render any change.

I'm using e369cdc on Windows.

Thank you.


Reload of what? Could you be more explicit?

I've tried this on many computers already, it's a bug for sure.

If by reloading you meant close MuseScore and open it up again, yes, I have done that. :D

It helps if you can post a simple example score and exact precise steps to reproduce, like

1) load attached score
2) style / text / lyrics odd verse
3) change size
4) OK

And then describe the expected result as well as what you see instead. But I suspect you were trying something else - not sure what - since the above steps do work for me.

It is true that when importing a 1.3 score, if you had manually changed fonts after entering lyrics, these changes won't be honored in 2.0.