Link to "Mastering Musescore" not working

• Aug 25, 2017 - 19:53

Hi there (Thomas in particular, I guess),

Just thought I'd let you know that in the email circular I received today, neither of the two links ("Get it here" and clicking on the image below) work. I just see a "Server not found (Firefox can't find the server at %20http.)" message.

Thought you'd like to know.


Not that there is anything I can do directly, but can you share the specific link that it was attempting to open?

I believe this page is still in the process of migrating fully to the new site, but the original URL should still work and does for me: Works if I leave out the "en" as well. The "%20http" in your message makes me wonder if an extra space got in there somehow?

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Definitely one for Thomas.
The newsletter links to… which in turn links on to http:///%20http// (notice the tripple slash and space and missing colon from the real url following).
The latter part (likely the intended url) would make you end up on Amazon (…)

So it seems a bad entry into the url-forwarder of the newsletter.

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