Adding Grace Note to a 2 note chord

• Aug 23, 2017 - 19:57

I have a 2 note chord. I add a grace note ( quaver with slash through ) to the top note.
When i go through same procedure ( highlight note double click grace note from palette ) to add another grace note to the note below it, both grace notes turn into a tiny beamed quaver and not 2 separate grace notes.
Same thing happens even when i drag from palette to note
I've read the instructions on adding a grace note to a chord and don't think it applies to this situation. It doesn't work either!
Any thoughts?


First, keep in mind grace notes as added to chords, not to individual notes. So you aren't really adding one grace note to the top note and another to the bottom, you are adding two separate grace notes to the chord itself.

But unless you want the grace notes played one at a time - and I'm guessing you don't - then you don't actually want two separate grace notes. you want a single grace chord, consisteing of two notes. So, add one grace note, then select it, and add another note to the chord normally (eg, Shift+letter)

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