Hyphens in lyrics can be left orphaned

• Feb 4, 2014 - 13:48
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mscore version: 77f7d29

Opensuse Linux 13.1

Whilst editing lyrics I have come across a difficulty. It seems that a hyphen is not considered part of a previous or following text segment. When a text segment is deleted, the hyphen can be left 'orphaned'. The hyphen itself cannot be selected for deletion or changed to a space. Depending upon how the previous/following text is structured, it can take quite a lot of effort to remove it.

The most noticeable is to delete text from the last note of a measure which has lyric text hyphenated. Deleting the text leaves the previous hyphen 'orphaned'.

To make lyric text editing more predictable (and convenient!), can the hyphen be made selectable or perhaps be associated with the previous or following text so it can be modified?


I believe a simple reload will take care of it disappearing.
If not, it'd be a bug rather than a feature request.
But only if it can get reproduced in a current nightly build, as 1.3 won't receive further fixes.
Can it?

Title Hyphens in lyrics can be left orphoned Hyphens in lyrics can be left orphaned
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turtlevt mentions that he/she tested with a 2.0 commit.

Title Hyphens in lyrics can be left orphaned Hyphens in lyrics can be left orphoned
Status (old) active needs info

I AM using a build, 77f7d29. Recent a few days ago. Perhaps you misread my Opensuse 13.1 as being the mscore version. See original message.

Reloading the score does not have any effect, the orphan hyphen is still there.

I marked it as a feature request as I do not know if this is supposed to be the way it works. It is just messy when it happens. For one hyphen, I had to delete the whole set of lyrics to get rid of it. Maybe I am not understanding the proper operation of lyric editing but I am beginning to be more careful on lyric entry.

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Lots of the same letters & numbers :-)

turtlevt, could you give a sample score and/or specific steps to reproduce this? I have seen this sort of thing occasionally in the past (ie, in MuseScore 1.X) but always as a temporary glitch. I've never seen one of these permanent, hard-to-delete hyphens, and I wasn't able to create one in a few minutes of experimentation. Until we can reproduce it, we won't know if it's a bug or not, or fix it if so.


Thank you for your interest and help. I made a test score and have introduced just two places ( I can make more!!) where I have 'orphaned' a hyphen. I admit to these being somewhat contrived, but the second one did happen to me by mistake. I had a very bad one and had to delete all the text to fix it, but I cannot remember exactly the circumstances, I was a bit annoyed....

1. At the end of the first measure, the sixth quarter note, I deleted the text lyric associated with it. It has left an 'orphaned' hyphen.

2. Between the third and fourth measures, there is a 'mistake' hyphen. How to delete it? If I delete the lyric text of the last note of the third measure it remains there. If I delete the text of the first note of the fourth measure, it remains. The 'mistake' hyphen itself is not selectable. So how to delete/change it?

How else may I help you?

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In both cases, they don't appear to be "orphaned", but rather are re-attaching to other syllables. As you delete words, the hyphens are moving, centering between syllables. I could not create an orphan.

And no, you can't select hyphens, they are auto-created because you wanted one between syllables.


Thank you. You have solved the problem for me. What you say does indeed remove the hyphen. I am now a happy user again.

Indeed, thank you to everyone who has helped me. You folks are doing a great job and this is a really good music notation product.

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MuseScore 2.0.2 rev f51dc11 on MacOS X 10.10.5. I have attached screenshots of the issue.

I've had this issue in the past, where orphaned hyphens cannot be removed, and now have an example.
The hyphens cannot be selected and persist even when lyrics and notes are deleted.

I'm unsure which information would be useful for troubleshooting, so please let me know :-) Skærmbillede 2016-02-10 15.49.51.png Skærmbillede 2016-02-10 15.39.36.png

Status (old) active needs info

In order to investigate, we'd need you to attach the actual score, not just a picture of it. And most likely, we would really need to know steps to reproduce the problem from scratch.

I'm guessing it will turn out the hyphen is attach to an empty / invisible lyric somewhere, perhaps in a differemt voice.

I have a similar problem: I switched all the lyrics to "invisible" to export a PDF without lyrics. The PDF does not show the lyrics, as expected, but the dashes are still visible.
I don't know where the hyphens com from, I downloaded the MSCZ and just edited some details. The orphaned hyphens were already there.

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These aren't orphaned; they go away when you delete the lyrics just as they should. You are simply asking for hyphens to be made invisible when the lyrics they connect are. That's a reasonable request, although it's worth discussion whether they should only disappear when both syllables (before and after) are made invisible or just the syllable before. Doing just before would probably be easier. You might wish to open a separate feature request for this so the idea doesn't get forgotten.

Hmm, I take it back, maybe I see the problem you mean, although it too is not really rhe same thing. You have a lyric in verse 2 at the end of measure 9 ("em") with a hyphen, and MuseScore is trying to connect this to something, but it isn't clear what to connect it to, so it draws hyphens across verse 2 throughout the score until it finds something else. Just get rid of that hyphen (replace it with a space).