Chord symbol text editing box displays rendered size, not actual size

• Jan 31, 2014 - 10:03
S4 - Minor

I found this while investigating #24497: MacOS : CMD-A (select all) in text leaves behind the 'a' character:

- enter a long chord name above a note (e.g., Abmaj7)
- double click to begin text editing

You'll see a text box drawn at the size of the rendered chord name. However, the font has now changed to the editing font and the text spills beyond the bounds of this box. It seems to fix itself up when you start editing.


FWIW, I am only able to reproduce this is I set the chord symbol to Jazz, which does result in rendered chords being significantly shorter than the plain text version. Since it's just a temporary on-screen visual glitch that fixes itself as noted, I'm marking this "minor".

Status (old) active patch (ready to commit)

It turns out there are other effects of this, including the chord jumping up and down as you edit it if using any vertical alignment but BASELINE and markup appearing in the chord symbol if you change text styles while editing (this could also happen for other text types). This PR straightens out these issues.