Playback of previously created arrangement in version 2.1?

• Aug 12, 2017 - 03:10

Musescore 2.1 playback sounds like a piano when playing back a newly created arrangement. Is there a way to get that same sound when playing back a previously created arrangement using an earlier version of MuseScore? Thanks for any help you could offer!


  1. Press F10 to access your mixer. First check there to change the sounds within the soundfont if the instrumentation is right, but the sounds are wrong.

  2. Or, you could right-click on an instrument's name, select staff properties, and the select change instrument. If some staff properties got changed some how, doing this would probably reset the instrument and give it the right sound/attributes.

  3. If it's neither of those my next guess would be that you have a soundfont issue. Go to 'View' (Top Left) then 'synthesizer' and see what you're using. There are plenty of tutorials on installing musescore soundfonts and applying them, so if that's your issue (Like you have a non-GM Soundfont [which means it has all of the instruments) this might fix it. And any instruments that use sounds not included in a sound font will default to the top. That might be an error causing the piano to be played.

I'd suggest starting with 1 or 2 and then trying 3 last because it's almost complicated.

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