Realtime Note Input (Manual) - Advance Bug

• Aug 11, 2017 - 01:15

Hi. I have a generic midi controller (Yamaha UX-16) and a Privia PX-120. I've used multiple Electronic footpedals and gotten the same result, so I'm going to leave that out (I don't know what brand they are either. But I know they are relatively cheap. Pretty Cheap. They're cheap, haha).

So far my favorite input method in musescore is the Manual Realtime Note Input Method as it allows me to easily develop my ideas on the spot during composition. However, I am only able to use one hand on my keyboard at a time or sometimes have other smaller complications as I am forced to press the num-pad enter key [default] to advance. When I use midi-mapping under note-input on preferences, I can also change the button to other button on my keyboard with ease, and they function perfectly (Like the Grand Piano selection buttons). When I map Real-Time Advance to the foot pedal, It advances 3 units at a time. So if I hold down a chord and have the quarter note selected, pressing the pedal once will make one tick, but 3 beats will have been inputted, creating a dotted half note instead of a quarter. Or if I just tap the notes, I get a quarter note and two rests. If this is a problem on my end that I could solve I'd be elated to fix this. If not. I'm happy to report a possible bug.
(Also, I did a little bit of searching to see if this was posted already and I couldn't find anything, so I don't think this has been posted before)

Edit/Update: So I think I may have figured out my problem. My keyboard/controller operates on 3 channels allowing me to play 2 instruments (2 Channels) + (1 channel) Effects simultaneously on my actual keyboard (So this caters to live performance with the keyboard). The issue with this and musescore is that musescore is built to pick up any one midi event and my pedal or rather keyboard inputs sustain for 3 channels at once. Maybe this could be accommodated for if Manual Realtime Input was modified to pick up only 1 channel at a time but I'm no coder and this probably isn't significant enough to make it into a musescore update. While it's possible this may not be the case, it makes the most sense to me. I think it seems rather logical... Well anyhow, I had to correct myself. This isn't a bug or glitch, but seems to be a comparability problem.

Edit/Update 2 - My current solution:
So I actually have 2 Midi controllers. #1 (Yamaha UX16 [generic controller] + Privia PX-120 [keyboard]) and #2 (Arturia MINILab mkII). They are both USB, so I can plug them into my computer at the same time. I'm using a program called Midi-OX to merge them; both of their inputs are being funneled into #1, which I am using with musescore. So I have plugged my sustain pedal into #2 which is routed into #1. And #1 goes into musescore. That solved my problem. It does because #2 is meant for DAW input and not performance, so the pedal only creates one midi event. :)

But for specifics, the program "Midi-OX" is for everything midi and I have a program called "LoopBe1" which is a virtual midi controller. Using Midi-OX, I set my two actual midi controllers as inputs and LoopBe1 as an output. Then in musescore I set LoopBe1 as my midi input device. And with that, any missing, broken, or extra functionalities can be covered with the use of multiple midi controllers being merged into one this way.


Under 'Preferences > Note Input' make shure that that mysterious 'Advance on release?' in the Midi Remote Control Section is not selected. I had same frustrating experience.

Hmm - if you get 6 events once you activate 'Advance ...' that's a pretty clear sign that MuseScore receives 3 events per pedal
action. Did you check that your midi device is o.k.? (either use
some midi dump program) or start MuseScore from a terminal and use the '--dump-midi-in' option.

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My device is working perfectly in every other way, so I don't feel like I'm experiancing a bug, glitch, or out-of-date driver or anything on that end.I started musescore from the terminal with the '-I' (<-- capital i) behind it and played some midi notes but i don't know where to find the console that is supposed to be displaying the results from this. (Is it supposed to be in cmd after I do something, or is it a text file? I'm on windows by the way)

So I got this program called midi-ox to monitor the midi events and the sustain pedal does input 3 at a time. For sure. So this is definitely something with my midi controller.

It seems that part of the issue is that my sustain pedal, though my controller, operates on 3 channels. And musescore picks up the events on all 3 channels. My keyboard allows me to choose up to 2 instruments at once, and apparently the second instrument is on channel 2. And on top of that I can apply affects to these sounds like brilliance, chorus, and reverb. My guess is that these all are placed on channel 3. So if the sustain pedal is applied to all 3 channels that allows the keyboard to sustain 2 sounds and the effects simultaneously. So it seems it's not my controller but how my keyboard works. (Keep in mind that I'm just guessing). So if this is the case, I guess there's nothing I can do about it. :(

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