"Repeat symbols" and "Bar lines" with multimeasure rests

• Jan 19, 2014 - 22:49

Hello Devloperteam of MuseScore!

The two problems I want to report are:

* Problem 1# "Repeat Symbols", of Segno and Coda etc. (See both attached files.): The symbols are not correctly shown. Though it is possible to insert symbols with System Text function, this work around is so much work. Please note, that previous official 1.3 release did not have this problem.

* Problem 2# "Bar lines" with multimeasure rests (See attached musescore score file): Bar lines in multimeasure rests can not always be removed. For error reproduction, please, take our attached musescore score file and remove the two double barlines, connecting each 1 measure rest bars, save it, restart program and load it. You should see that not all changes did apply - not both (double) barlines are gone as expected.

Thank you very much.


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I can confirm #2. Workaround is to turn off mm rests temporarily, delete the double bars, then turn mm rests back on. Then if you save and reload, they stay deleted.

BTW, when reporting bugs against the still-in-development nightly builds, you should use the Technology Preview forum and clearly state which build you are using (see Help / About). Also what OS.

Meanwhile, I will file an official issue for the second bug.

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