Preset drum rhythms

• Aug 16, 2009 - 01:20

Preset drum rhythms

As a composition tool.. I get to a point where I just want to place a style of beat onto the music without having to sequence a a rhythm from scratch.

Any chance of some basic 8 bar drum sequences we can drag and drop into a drum stave ? .... once inserted could be edited ?

March 4
Rock 4
Funk 4
Jazz 4
Jazz 3
Jazz 6/8
Jazz 5
16 beat 4
Metal 4
Slow 4
Brushed 4
Slow 6/8
Brushed 6/8

The 8 bars could be made up of standard rhythm, alt rhythm, break, and turnaround.... So all the building blocks are there to cut and paste along the percussion stave ????

I know percussion is an art and any good drummer will be more than capable of deviating and improving what is written in front of him... however... for a composer this would be a very useful feature.
Of course music that is composed specifically with percussion in mind requires the composer to be every bit as involved with the individual percussive elements as he is with instruments... but... A lot of the more light entertaining pieces would come together quicker with such a short cut ... :)



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This feature could be a plugin, every pattern a file with the notes, with an open directory for new patterns. An easy gui with a drop down menu that lists our patterns and fill the rhythmic part.

No news after 10 years.
There are hundreds of (usually free) drum patterns on the web in midi format: example:
Easy import of drum patterns (backed by 1 or more midi files) into the current score would be indeed a significant feature for musescore.
As today the only workaround is to:
- search and download manually some midi drum patterns
- open the midi in a new score
- try to copy paste from that new score to your main score with many sources of bugs: bad time signature, bad instrument, ...

Does anyone know if such a plugin has been implemented ?

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I have needed this SO badly. Right this minute, I'm looking for a jazz ballad drumset part with brushes in 4 (for I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face). I can't even find a similar song to copy, and, of course, MS4 doesn't even have a brush sound.

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