Crescendo/Decrescendo Sustained Notes (Request for plugin or entire feature)

• Dec 24, 2013 - 01:58

One problem that I've had with composing is that quite a bit of the time I want to make sustained notes crescendo from two hugely different dynamics (pp to fff for instance), however, considering the limitations on even the crescendo/decrescendo plugin, I'm completely unable to do this. A future feature update or plugin creation for this would be extremely useful.


If you do a search of this forum, you'll find a number of discussions of this topic. Basically, it's not doable within the current plugin or playback framework - MuseScore uses only MIDI velocity to controller dynamics. Crescendo or diminuendo of a single note would require implementing the MIDi volume controller - a non-trivial task. But yes, some day, hopefully this will happen

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