I cant upgrade to Version 2.1

• Aug 3, 2017 - 18:12

I have Linux Mint Sarah and Musescore 2.0.3 I want to upgrade to 2.1, but when I have done a apt-get install mscore it says that it is already up to date, and I cant find an up to date Debian package for a version later than 2.0.3 How can I upgrade to 2.1 ? I can't wait to access the new features.


Yes, there is no MuseScore 2.1 available in Debian yet.

The *buntu packager does not comment, and the other Debian Developer is currently busy with DebConf, although IIRC he said I may try my luck updating it (and I will when I get time).

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I will be uploading MuseScore 2.1 to Debian experimental shortly, so you will be able to get it from the experimental distribution (with all that entails) within the next one or two days, depending on buildd and mirror speed.

Please do test and give feedback so we can eventually upload it to the unstable distribution replacing 2.0.3 for all users.

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