change color of current note

• Dec 20, 2013 - 09:01

Can I change this in my preferences. I didn't find a way. All the notes in the score are black, except for the selected/current note which is blue, i.e., the one being played or edited. When i press the forward or back arrows the next or previous note changes to blue. It is very difficult for me to find the blue note among all the black notes, especially when the page changes.

Can I change the selected not color to RED or GREEN to make it easier to see the contrast?

Thanks and kind regards


The color of the current note (or element) is hard coded into MuseScore, so you can't change it.
Only think you could to is use a different voice, voice 2 is green, voice 3 is yellow and voice 4 is red.
But then you'd have to live with rests in voice 1, which you can't delete

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