File extension should be preserved when using 'Save As...'

• Dec 16, 2013 - 15:49

I have been saving files in the mscx format to allow them to store into GIT more easily.

If I use 'Save As…' on an mscx file, the Save Panel defaults to mscz. If I don't catch this I will save it out as the wrong format.

The Save Panel should match the current file format when saving.

1. open a score in the mscx format
2. File -> Save As…
3. Save the file

The file was converted to mscz format

The file was save as mscx as it was opened



Yes, it probably would be useful if the file extension of the opened MuseScore file is pre-selected when using 'Save As…'.

Interesting - I did not know MSXC was a "lossy" format. However, I'm not using images so that hasn't impacted me.

I still think there is a bug if the file was format A on opening and is saved in format B on Save or Save As…

Does the app warn if there is a lossy conversion to mscx (i.e., omitting images)? If not, that's another bug to file, but I think preserving the current format should be the default.

This bug is moot if MSCX is really not a valid document storage format and is removed from the Save menu (I don't know enough about the formats to comment on that - other than I viewed the XML as more recoverable in case of problems while using the nightly builds).