Baroque Flute Missing

• Jul 30, 2017 - 20:19

Before Musescore 2.1 release (most likely 2.0) there was a really pretty instrument called the Baroque Flute. Now it doesn't seem to be in Musescore anymore. I already contacted the Musescore team but they didn't really answer my question. They just told me to switch the instrument category to Common Instruments and not All instruments. I see Baroque Oboe and many different Baroque Trumpets but the Baroque Flute is no longer there. Can anyone tell me how to get the instrument back? I never messed with any instrument files nor did I accidentally delete any instruments. I have one song with a Baroque Flute in it and am attaching it so that you can hear what it sounds like.

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Not sure if and why it had been changed.

But if you open the mixer ( you will see, that the sound for this kind of flute is "recorder".

You can also change the name of the instrument in staff properties to "baroque flute" (

It's also possible (if necessary) to create an own instrument list to add this instrument back ( (But please save the list under a new name, it's not recommend to overwrite the original file).

The *instrument* for your piece is set to "Baroque flute", but the *sound* for that instrument is set to "Recorder" (see View / Mixer). So assumign it is the sound you are actually after, simply select that in the Mixer for future scores (or use the actual "Recorder" instrument).

As for why the "baroque flute" is no longer present in the instrument list, see Basically, it's not really the name of any specific instrument.

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