How to properly use the pedal line?

• Dec 7, 2013 - 23:07

Hello, what's the right way to use the pedal line?
I need to mark to depress-repress the pedal at different moments in a measure, but I can't seem to find the proper sign for that.
See image:
1) that's the pedal line symbol I'm using, it's the first in the palette;
2) that's the result I want, there should be a pedal depress-repress after the second E and that line has been taken from the palette;
3) that too is from the palette but I edited its left ending to make it not overlap the preceding one;
4) there's no (automatic?) pedal line symbol in the following line.

a) how do I enter those 'stops' for the pedal line? Is the way I did it the right / only one? I mean, do I have to add and edit lines for each measure for the full score?
b) I thought that adding the pedal line would make it available to the full score. Am I doing something wrong or is like this by desing?

Thanks :)

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the symbol of the end of the pedal is the ultimate, bottom right, in the Symbols palette.
The argument often reoccurs. In the next version we will have special effects, in the meantime, if you settle for a dirty trick, looks at the attachment.

From Display select Show invisible and Show frames, I added some special characters (space modifiers and Drawing boxes by LibreOffice) in the horizontal box.
With a little patience I insert (copy and paste) the characters as lyrics (one per note), then drag them where I need.
Do not pay attention to the formal aspect of the example, I am musically illiterate.

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