Cannot export to lilypond

• Aug 14, 2009 - 22:20
S4 - Minor

I can't seem to be able to open any .ly (lilypond format) file created mscore with lilypond. I'll attach the file. It was created with mscore 0.9.5 under linux ubuntu hardy heron 8.04.
Thanks in advance.

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You should save files in MuseScore's own format. See [[nodetitle:export]] for details. Lilypond import is very experimental.

If there is a developer interesting in improving Lilypond import in MuseScore then we'll leave this active. Otherwise maybe we should close as "won't fix" to keep the list of bugs manageable.

I guess the bug report was not about lilypond import but export. The lilypond file created with MuseScore attached to the main issue can't be processed by lilypond.
Regarding import, my opinion is that it should be remove from the import list option.

Status (old) active won't fix

I guess there will be no usable lilypond import in the near future and i removed "*.ly" form the import option list.

For a lilypond export bug it is more helpful to include the original MuseScore file (.mscz or .mscx). Better yet are you able to narrow it down to a particular score element that is causing the problem?

Here is the original file in mscore format. Since I cannot narrow the problem to a single element of the original score (I wouldn't know how to determine that) I've also attached a text file that shows the command line output on trying to export to lilypond.
Thanks a lot, once again.

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Status (old) won't fix active

It turns out there's lots of elements that are causing problems:

  • Staff text that includes "#" needs quotation marks around it in lilypond (Fixed in r.2026)
  • The 8va signs should be exported as "set-octavation" but were misspelled "set-octaviation" (Fixed in r.2026)
  • When a dynamic marking and 8va sign occur on the same note the dynamic marking should be first (Bug filed )
  • Instrument names that include non-ASCII characters can cause errors when exported to lilypond (needs more investigation).

I have improved lilypond export at little. The file exported from your mscore-file will now be compiled by lilypond. There are however some unsolved issues. (Rome was not built in one day; Ars longa, vita brevis)
* Ottava: lilypond export looks for the anchors of the ottava-brackets/lines. You have, so far as I can see, stretched the lines far beyond the notes to which the start and end of the line is anchored. To take account of the extension of the lines in mscore in addition to the anchor-notes is a project of the future. This appertains also to hairpins and other lines.
* grace-notes immediately after new timesignatures, repeat-signs and other barlines makes erroneous and unpredictable results. This is a bug in lilypond, and for now I will not try to remedy it in lilypond-export. See lilypond notation reference chapter 1.2.6 for lilypond 2.12.1.
* multiple dynamics on one note is discarded by lilypond. The remedy is to insert an invisible rest, and attach the second dynamic to this. This means that the length of the measure is extended, and so this invisible rest must be inserted in all the other staffs in the same measure. There is no fast way to program this in exportly, so the solution to this must be postponed for now.
* lyrics still not implemented.
Regards, Olav Gundersen

sorry for that, I uploaded the file to early. It was so on linux too.
In r2351 compiled on ubuntu, it exports the mentioned file without crash. But there are difficulties with flageolets seemingly anchored to the uppermost staff, and then dragged down to one of the lower ones, at approx bar 13.
Olav Gundersen

Export of Cronicas.mscz no longer crashes in r. 2415 nightly (Windows XP)

The root cause of octava lines anchoring to the wrong note is a result of a MuseScore bug:

Lyrics are implemented now.

I open new bug reports for a couple remaining issues I spotted: