Last measure fill with multiple section breaks

• Jul 29, 2017 - 15:01

How To? I am trying to notate a series of excercises e.g. 1 through 8. Each one is about 1.5 systems long or about 12 -13 measures. I would like to have each of the 8 excercises start on a new stave so I am trying to use breaks and spacers (line or section) to accomplish this. The problem I have is that MuseScore fills the last couple of measures (i.e. right justifies) regardless of the threshold setting I've used in [Style], [Page], [Last System Fill Threshold]. I end up with the last 2-3 measures spread (right justified) across the page. Does this setting not apply to section or line breaks? If not, how can I accomplish the layout I need?

Thank you
John Elmo


It would be useful to attach this score. Each one has its specificities (related to layout eg), and so, really easier to see this score in its context for helping you.

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