Entering two notes, same pitch

• Dec 5, 2013 - 21:01

I need to enter two notes in unison, with two note heads. This happens frequently in string playing, for example, if you play an A on the D string, in unison with the open A string. I could add a second voice, but that just adds another stem. The correct way to enter this is with two note heads. Is this possible with MuseScore?


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There seem to be a couple of problems.

1. Often the procedure doesn't seem to work. If I press A and then X, it acts as if the second A is invisible, but it works correctly if I reverse the sequence. The sequence N - A - Shift+X - Shift+A always seems to work, but N - A - Shift+A - Shift+X often does not.

2. If I enter two quarter notes, one of them is separated from the stem, and I have to nudge it into place.

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Results vary. On one computer I have to reverse the sequence: N +Shift X + Shift . On another, with a recent nightly, I use the same sequence: N +Shift +Shift X, but then I have to click or double click on the note.

I haven't had the stem problem recently. In either case, it's easy enough to do, but it's not completely routine.

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