Can't open files

• Aug 14, 2009 - 18:02
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

Hello: Having just updated to mscore 0.9.5 I can no longer open files form mscore; any attempt causes the program to crash. Imposible to work this way.


Having just updated to mscore 0.9.5, I realize that the program consumes almost 95% of the cpu. This did not happen with 0.9.4; Is 0.9.5 that much heavy? It is almost impossible to do anything this way. I'm running mscore on ubuntu hardy heron on a basis of 1gb of RAM.

Title Mscore consumes all systems memory 8va signs misplaced

Only being able to work with the promenade (mscore 0.9.5 does not open files yet) I tried to insert 8va changes: the sign is misplaced, the number 8 showing below the line it should appear aligned with.

Please attach a copy of a file you are having trouble opening in 0.9.5. The goal of any bug report is to allow others to reproduce the problem. This is the first step toward fixing the problem. See [[nodetitle:How to report bug or ask for support]] for more instructions.

Title 8va signs misplaced Can't open files

Sorry, my earlier message was not well written. I'm using version 0.9.5 in ubuntu hardy heron 8.04 lts.
Description of the problem:
1) open mscore
2) Click the "open file" icon; or click "file > open"; or type in "ctrl + o".
3) Either way, mscore halts. The open file window appears, but nothing shows in it. I can't see the files in the open file window, and I can't browse the window either.
The files have no trouble themselves, since they open normally under 0.9.4.

I cannot reproduce the problem. Loading of files work and the cpu usage is nearly zero.
Maybe something is wrong with your system. Please start mscore on the command line with the options "-s" and "-m" to disable midi and the internal systhesizer. Is the cpu load still high?