Creating a rest has stopped working

• Dec 3, 2013 - 10:37

I used to have no trouble making rests with the zero key. But I stopped using the program for several months and when I took it up again I couldn't make a rest that way. I've reloaded the program but that didn't seem to have any effect on rests.

I did find an alternative, but it's pretty awkward -- to make a quarter-rest (for instance) you can just enter a quarter-note on any pitch, then go back and delete it. It leaves a quarter-rest. But it does slow down note entry quite a lot.

It's possible I forgot some important step in creating rests. The Handbook isn't much help on this point. Does anyone have a similar problem? Possibly a solution?



On an empty measure selecting the full mearure rest and pressing N, then 5, then 0, creates a quarter rest.
If it does not, maybe you changed the keybord shortcuts?

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Your comment led to solving my little problem. I do, in fact, always change the keyboard shortcuts to make them easier to remember --

whole note - 1
half note - 2
quarter note - 4
eighth note - 8
sixteenth - 6,1 (1,6 can't work -- whole note)
thirty-second - 3,2
sixty-fourth - 6,4

But that wasn't the problem, apparently. On my machine the zero has no effect. To make a rest I click "N" to turn it OFF, then press "4" (for example) and it immediately makes a quarter rest. Same for every other kind of rest.

Problem mysteriously and effectively solved.

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