After the coda, a repeat mark was a neglected playing.

• Dec 2, 2013 - 08:00
S4 - Minor

A repeat mark was a neglected playing after the coda playing.
I know that a repeat mark ignored previously D.S. al Coda & coda.
But I think that a repeat mark should playing it properly after the coda playing.

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Ignoring repeats makes sense when the jump goes back to an earlier section of music, but not when the jump goes forward to a section that has not been played yet, as in this example, where the indicated repeat barlines are never interpreted.

In my opinion, the D.S. al Coda (by default) should not play repeats after the Segno, but it should play repeats after the Coda - that way every repeat gets interpreted at least once.

It would be nice if somewhere, perhaps as a part of the D.S. al Coda, or the Segno, or the To Coda, or the Coda, there was a boolean parameter in the Inspector for simply "play repeats".

Only the jumps (D.C., D.C. al Fine, D.C. al Coda, D.S. al Coda, D.S. al Fine and D.S.) would need that 'play repeats' flag, I think. Segno, Coda, To Coda, Fine, etc. are just markers that those jumps refer to. And they can get jumped to from several places, possible with and without repeat, that should be controlled by the jump.

I'm looking into this bug right now and I realize that all the good stuff in comment #2 and #3 will be completely buried once this bug is closed :(