The MuseScore project has serious problems

• Nov 30, 2013 - 09:10

Yesterday I was informed by MuseScore administrator Thomas Bonte that my account here had been blocked because some members had marked at least my latest post as spam. My posts were no spam so the marking as spam was a malicious attack. Thomas reactivated my account but has not yet reposted what was erroneously marked as spam and removed. I wonder now who were behind this attack. Do they think that attacking an important discussion helps the MuseScore project?


There was nothing "important" about a personal attack on a valuable member of the MuseScore community who has made countless significant contributions to the project over the years. Your post was extremely inappropriate and offensive. Unfortunately, there is no "report as inappropriate / offensive" button, so I clicked the next best link I could find to register my complaint. Apparently others did the same, because when I have inadvertently pressed the "mark as spam" button before (especially easy to do on a tablet or phone) it was possible to immediately correct the mistake by pressing the corresponding "unmark as spam" button. That didn't work this time when I second guessed myself, so I'm thinking I was the last straw, not the first.

Personal attacks are never appropriate on a technical forum. Attacking someone in the context of a technical discussion is bad enough, but we all know it happens and is more easily ignored, forgiven, or forgotten. Actually starting a new thread with no purpose other than attack someone - and to call them out by name in the thread title - is going far beyond the bounds of ordinary human decency. And doing all of this simply because you disagree with a technical opinion expressed on an extraordinarily insignificant matter on which the person in question has no actual decision making power but in which it is quite clear that you are in the minority - this borders on the inexcusable.

As far as i am concerned, you owe the entire MuseScore community an apology, and of course another to the person you attacked.

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