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• Nov 25, 2013 - 04:58
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I'm trying to create a measure with a 5/8 time signature but it stays 6/8. Steps:

- drag a 6/8 time signature to a measure
- select the time signature
- view the inspector
- change the time signature to 5/8 in the inspector
- add rests to the measure


The measure continues to draw / behave as if it is 6/8 rather than 5/8. See screenshot.

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Hi. I was getting a ton of crashes while trying to get this to work. I first tried to edit the time signature in the inspector and then the time signature properties via the context menu. This created a number of very bad looking measures.

I was able to get things working by editing the measure properties separately, and separately editing the time signature.

It seems that editing the time signature in the inspector should modify the measure properties just like dropping a time signature on a measure does.

So, maybe the bug is that the measure properties are not updated when the time signature is edited.

Also, editing the measure properties doesn't always work. For example:

- add 3/8 time signature
- edit time signature in inspector to be 5/8
- edit global time signature in inspector to be 5/8
- select a different measure
- select the time signature again
- inspector reads 5 / 2 for global time sign, not what I set above
- reset global time sig to 5 / 8
- select away, and back to time sig
- inspector reports 25 / 8 for global time sig
- reset to 5/ 8 again
- select away and back again
- global time sig is now 5 / 8 (whew)
- inspect measure properties for this measure
- measure reads 3/8 (nominal and actual)
- change actual to 5 / 8 and click OK
- bring measure properties back up
- nominal is stil 3 / 8 (should it be 5/8)

At this point, the measure does behave as a 5/8 measure. I'm not sure what the actual v. nominal mean in the measure inspector.

I'm pretty sure the behavior you describe is correct. The inspector is not how to create new time signatures - the should be done in the time signature section of the master palette. I believe the inspector *is* just to change the display. Not sure as this is so,ewhat new. But the actual / nominal is not - it means the same as in 1.3. Nominal means the time signature as defined by the time signature, actual means the actual number of beats in the measure. So you can have a measure with a different number of beats. I thimk the new facility is what allows different staves to have different time signatures, and that's what you are running into.

I see there are items in the inspector which are display oriented, but the inspector also reflects values from the "Time Signature Properties" editor which should effect the underlying measures.

So, I believe the bug is that the "Time Signature Properties" window does not update the related measures to match the newly edited time signature. In addition, the "Time Signature Properties" window does not allow editing of the "Global Value" field, which is required when changing a 4/4 time sig to 5/4 for example. In that case the global is 1/1 but needs to be reset to 5/4.

The list of issues I've seen:

1. Changes made in the "Time Signature Properties" dialog (e.g., 4/4 to 5/4) do not update the related measure properties. I think this should have the same result as dragging a time signature onto a measure.
2. The "Time Signature Properties" window does not allow editing of the "Global Value", which is required e.g., in the case of 4/4 being changed to 5/4 (Global Value needs to change from 1/1 to 5/4)
3. When inspecting the Time Signature, changes can be made to the "time sig." values, but the same problem as #1 exists - the underlying measure properties are not updated.
4. The inspector *does* allow changing the "global time sig." AKA "Global Value" but it updates the model in a non-deterministic way (as far as I can tell). Changes to these fields are re-computed as various strange values - eventually leading to a crash of the application.

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Some time ago the ability to change actual duration of a time signature has been removed, so this no longer applies. The only supported way to change time signatures is to actually add one from the palette. Neither the Inspector nor the time signatures can be used for this purpose, nor should they be.

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Hi. To create a 5/8 measure,or any measure you don't have: Press 'z' (or Shift+F9, or click top left View->Master Pallete), go to Time Signature and there u can create your measure. After you input your desired time signature just click add button on the bottom right corner.

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Sorry but I can't find the way to create a new time signature, I go to the time signature panel and I see many time signatures, but any option to create a new one. I just updated my software but nothing happened.
Would you mind to explain how to do it, please?

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