Electroacoustic music notation

• Jul 27, 2017 - 11:11

Hello everyone,

I intend to execute an academic research project funded by the State of Berlin.
My aim is to create a plugin (or similar) in order to enable the notation and implementation of audio
processing and sound synthesis techniques through the MuseScore notation
software. Hence this would, for instance, enable film music composers to
filter a violin or use an FM-synthesiser directly in MuseScore.

I am able to do this as I have developed a notation system for
electroacoustic music (and extended playing techniques):
http://christiandimpker.de/theorie This system is supposed to be implemented
in the notation software.

Could someone tell me whether this could be done or if there are any concerns?

Thank you,




This is a very long treatise :) So I didn't read it entirely.

A couple of years ago, ZHDK university https://blog.zhdk.ch/ssmn/ worked on a similar project I believe. Of course, the goal was different (driving a 3D sound system via the notation) but it could be that the implementation could be similar.

If I remember correctly, they had SVG graphics for their notation and they drove an external 3D sound system via OSC message sent during the MuseScore playback. They made a fork of MuseScore and never made their system general enough to be contributed back into our master. If you believe this is a workable solution, I would encourage you to define it general enough so it can cater to your use case but also others.

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Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it.

Yes, it would mean implementing FM, AM, RM, granular synthesis... reverberation, distortion, phasing... The system works and it is based on traditional notation. Possibly it is a similar implementation.

Of course, this project would take years and the earliest starting date is by the end of this year. So if you do not have any concerns, I will try to initiate it via the Technical University.


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