MIDI output working in any fashion??

• Jul 24, 2017 - 15:17

I haven't found a good answer to --- what is the CURRENT method of hooking a MIDI keyboard up to Musescore 2 for windows?

I struggled last night with Jack and old instructions for setting it up, but I was never able to even see Musescore in the list of settings inside of Jack.

I have a Disklavier player piano from Yamaha that has both USB and MIDI-connections for the MIDI input. I am currently controlling the piano using a couple of different software packages and they are both working quite well with the USB MIDI input. They are both from Time Warp Technology. One is "Home Concert Extreme" (for Windows). The other is Internet MIDI, also for Windows.

I'm sorta shocked that this capability hasn't been better documented SOMEONE. Anyone?

I'm willing to pay to have a plugin developed if any developers are interested. :-)


Don't be shocked, MuseScore is a music notation software used to create sheet music for actual musicians. The MIDI output is considered a convenience for composers or arrangers to listen to their work.

In MuseScore 2.1, you can eventually have MIDI output but it's not for the faint hearted. On Windows, you need MuseScore and Jack. You can find Jack for windows 32 bit here https://github.com/jackaudio/jackaudio.github.com/releases/download/1.9…
Then the setup is very similar to the one described here: https://musescore.org/node/3267

In the current development version of MuseScore 3 (not released), there is some work done for direct MIDI out without Jack.

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hi, complete N00b here re MuseScore. i see that for audio playback you use sound fonts, but it looks like there may be a "midi out" in V3. My question is... is there a way to route the output from muse to something like the Garritan Orchestra ( it uses the Aria sampler) playback device? I have used sound fonts before and they do tend to sound pretty artificial, so if there is a way to output to a sampler, like that, or say the Kontakt sampler (as used by Spitfire, or indeed other orchestral libraries).

I realise that actually writing music with these style of sample libraries is (arguably!) best done with a fully fledged DAW system, but i would have thought that a good to high quality playback directly from musescore would be very useful.

Any thoughts?

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