Edit separate hihat volume

• Nov 9, 2013 - 20:27

If possible can anyone tell me how I can edit the volume of the closed Hihat in the "Standard" Drumset that comes with Musescore? It´s almost dead and gone compared to the snare, kick, toms and crashes and since I use it as a basic rythm base for my compositions it´s absolutely necessary to hear it all the time!

(And no, I am not looking for a metronome, I just wan´t to understand where I can increase the volume of the closed Hihat.)

Thanks, Jack!


Which soundfont are you using? Could be that a different one would have a hi hat that you like better. And that probably makes more sense then altering the hi hat volume in your score. See Soundfont . But you can change the volume of a selected note or notes by right clicking, choosing note properties, and changing the Velocity property.

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Hi Jack,

* To change the note velocity, right click it -> note properties -> Velocity type : User and then change the velocity value. That will change the "volume" of this particular note.

* Sounfont. See Soundfonts . The soundfont provides the actual sound samples to play. The sound sample for hihat could be too loud for your purpose in the default soundfont. You can change the soundfont as explained in the handbook.

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